Manuel Edward “Eddy” DeMello
Impresario, entrepreneur, Portuguese community advocate
Born November 10, 1937

Eddy DeMello carved a unique place for himself in entertainment as an impresario, entrepreneur and an advocate for the Portuguese community. 

His Music Box record store was a treasure trove for music lovers. He recorded Bermuda musicians on his Edmar and Duane labels and brought in name acts for live performances for more than 40 years.

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Church built by slaves formally opens
November 27, 1827

Cobb’s Hill Methodist Church in Warwick, which was painstakingly built by slaves and free blacks over two years, was dedicated.

The building effort was led by Edward Fraser, a Barbadian-born slave who arrived in Bermuda in 1818 with his Bermudian owner Francis Lightbourn.

Fraser joined a Methodist congregation in Warwick, where he quickly established himself as a leader.Construction of the church began in 1825. Slaves laboured in their free time, often on moonlit nights, to get the job done.

The church has been in continuous use since it opened. Fraser was granted his freedom and left Bermuda in 1828. He became a Methodist minister, serving throughout the Caribbean until his death in 1872.

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