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Byllee Lang
Artist, teacher
Born December 4, 1908

Byllee Lang was an established sculptor when she came to Bermuda for a six months’ vacation in 1945.  She fell in love with the island and made it her home in 1946. For the next 20 years, until her sudden death of a heart attack, she was an integral part of the arts scene.

Her studio was gathering place for people from all parts of the island. She taught and inspired a generation of artists, black and white, wealthy, working class and in-between. Generous with her time and talents, she waived fees for promising students who couldn’t afford to pay.


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this month in history

Fire destroys Hamilton Hotel
December 22, 1955

The “most spectacular and biggest fire” ever seen in Bermuda ripped through the Hamilton Hotel three days before Christmas 1955.

Hundreds got out of their beds and headed into Hamilton to watch the flames, streets were cordoned off and people evacuated from nearby buildings.

The fire blazed all night, and the building—located on the current site of Hamilton City Hall—was totally destroyed.

There were, however, no fatalities or significant damage to neighbouring buildings in the blaze The Bermudian called “Bermuda’s bonfire of the century.”

It was an ignominious end to a city landmark that had opened as Bermuda’s first major hotel in 1861, but whose importance had been eclipsed by newer hotels like The Princess.

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