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Wilfred “Wil” Onions
September 29, 1908-July 2, 1959

Bermuda’s best-known and most influential architect of the 20th century, Wilfred Richmond “Wil” Onions was instrumental in developing the revivalist Bermudian vernacular style that came todefine the island’s architecture and inspire Bermudian architects longafter his death.

Taking the traditional Bermuda cottage as inspiration, he designed graceful houses with large, well-portioned rooms and bearing his trademark features such as high, graceful chimneys and ‘welcoming arms’ staircases.

His designs include some of Bermuda’s best-known properties commissioned by prominent families. His most famous landmark is City Hall in Hamilton, although he tragically died before it was completed in 1960.

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this month in history

The Causeway opens
September 19, 1871

The Causeway, pictured in 1905.

As estimated 6,000 people—about half of the Island’s population—staked out positions in the area to witness the official opening of The Causeway and Swing Bridge on September 19, 1871.

Begun in 1864, and built at a cost of £30,000, it was the largest project undertaken by Government up to that point. It linked St. George’s to the mainland by land for the first time, replacing the ferry.

The Causeway was demolished in a hurricane in September 1899, but was soon rebuilt.

More recently, in September 2003, four people lost their lives trying to cross the Causeway when Hurricane Fabian was bearing down on Bermuda.

The Causeway was extensively damaged but was repaired within two months. A memorial has been erected for the four who died.

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