Brian Burland
Author. Born April 23, 1931

Brian Burland was the first Bermudian to leave his mark on the literary world as a novelist. He was the author of eight novels that were praised on both sides of the Atlantic and a much-loved children's book St. Nicholas and the Tub.

Bermuda almost always figured his novels, which occasionally ruffled feathers locally.  His novels dealt with war—which he opposed—colonialism, family strife and race.

The language was salty, the Bermudian dialect pitch perfect, and the sex scenes explicit. He won admiration and respect for his honest portrayal of a segregated Bermuda.

During the years he was most active as writer, Burland lived outside Bermuda, mainly in Essex, Connecticut. His accomplishments were largely unrecognized in Bermuda, although that began to change in his later years.

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Botanical Gardens gets its name
April 17, 1958

Nineteen acres of public land in Paget were renamed the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Governor Sir John Woodall did the honours on the first day of the Agricultural Exhibition.

The name change was a reflection of the need to develop the gardens’ horticultural side after tourism supplanted agriculture as the island’s major industry.

The Botanical Gardens date back to1898 when ten acres of land known as the Public Garden were put under the control of Government’s Board of Agriculture.

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