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Manuel Edward “Eddy” DeMello
(November 10, 1937-March 6, 2013)

Eddy DeMello carved a unique place for himself in entertainment as an impresario, entrepreneur and an advocate for the Portuguese community.  His Music Box record store was a treasure trove for music lovers. He recorded Bermuda musicians on his Edmar and Duane labels and brought in name acts for live performances for more than 40 years.

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Guy Fawkes Day goes up in smoke
November 5, 1969

Bermudians celebrated Guy Fawkes Day by lighting up 8,000 pounds of fireworks. But it would be the last time islanders would participate in Guy Fawkes Day celebrations on that order.

Guy Fawkes Day was hugely popular, with fireworks—which could be purchased at retail outlets—the main attraction at family gatherings across the island. And sweet potato pudding was always on the menu.

But Guy Fawkes Day celebrations were marred by acts of vandalism throughout the turbulent 1960s, and by 1970 Government said enough was enough. A ban was issued on the sale, possession and discharge of fireworks, and despite attempts to revive the celebration over the years, enthusiasm for the event gradually waned.

According to a government press release: " Government realises that the ban of fireworks will be a disappointment to many families, and particularly children who look forward to the annual celebration, and it therefore gave careful consideration to all aspects of the matter before taking this step."

Source: The Royal Gazette, November 12, 1969 and October 29, 1970

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